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We asked Grantham College student Sophie to write about her recent work experience placement with us. In her own words…

“During my week of work experience with Harvey and Harvey I have learnt many new skills which will help me progress in the route of a photographer. It has been a totally new experience and one I won’t forget. At the beginning the week of we began with an introduction with a little bit of time to get to know one another and a brief on what the week would bring and what to expect.

As I began to learn new skills on my camera, introducing depth of field, shutter speed and aperture I was set a task which started to become challenging but I began to find confidence in myself and the camera and put thought into my method. Taking samples of leather and trying to compose the texture using light. It became a lot more tricky when I was using light colours because the lighting was making the sample flat. But after a few demonstrations from Adrian it became more simple. Which made me realise you don’t need overthink if you can keep on practising you will get there in the end. After I had finished the images I edited them in Lightroom to bring out the textures more.

After lunch I was briefed on the wedding for the next day and told what my role would be. To be honest I was beginning to get nervous; I had never done anything like this so we went through a rehearsal of all the equipment to check everything worked and all the gear was packed away ready to take. It was a lot to take in but as the day came a little excitement came as I knew this would be a great experience for the career path I want to go. As we arrived at the venue I got an insight of how you have to check the surroundings, think of the best places to take pictures and which route to take. But also to remember that the bride and groom and their guests are there to enjoy the day, so not to be intrusive so they can relax and that way you find the best images to take. My favourite part was taking candid shots of people and capturing their expressions. [Sophie isn’t allowed to show those photographs as the clients have requested their privacy be respected. Instead, she is showing some of the wedding details she captured.]

I also learnt that there is more to photography than taking the picture. You have to promote yourself and have something unique that makes you different to every other photographer. So to understand how, I spent some time at a wedding fair looking at how you engage with the customer and how you find what they are looking for. It made me realise that there a lot of photographers out there and it’s a competitive area.

Working at the Belton Woods Wedding Fair

But the main thing is I had fun and a laugh and learnt more than I thought I would and would like to say a massive thank you to Adrian and Claire.”

[Sophie photographed and edited all of these images as part of her week with us.]