Jonathan and Rosalyn’s Beautiful Summer Wedding

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It is no understatement when I say how beautiful Jonathan and Rosalyn’s wedding was! Beautiful in so many ways. A lot of thought had been put in to every aspect of their planning with the exquisite location, handmade gifts, decorations, the intimacy of the whole occasion with close friends and family and the interaction between them both as they went from being two individuals to one through the vows they made to one another.

The journey began on a dusty country track that wound through the Exton Park estate, a mystery tour through beautiful Rutland countryside leads you to a beautiful little gem of a venue that is Fort Henry.

The view is quite breathtaking, nestled on the other side of a lake filled with beautiful lily pads and nature all around is the little fort with the flag flying and that is where Jonathan and their guests awaited the Bride to be. I believe it was a wonderful surprise for them all to see Rosalyn serenely approaching by boat. It was a lovely moment to capture Jonathan looking out of the window across the water as he waited for his bride..

The couple were wonderfully wed and they all shared in a wedding meal and celebrations at Fort Henry before moving on later to Barnsdale Lodge Hotel for the evening reception.

The beautiful flowers were provided by Pollen – Contemporary floral designs for all occasions – Oakham, Rutland